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Together We Make Change.

Give to Henderson County United Way.

You can provide the resources to be sure it gets done.

Every day, your neighbors receive hot meals, affordable medical care, referrals to life-changing counseling,

and hope that tomorrow will be better—much better—than today.

 Every day, your neighbors enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

 Every day, your neighbors are benefiting from new skills.

            All of this is possible because of people like you.

When you support the Henderson County United Way, you're supporting the critical work of 21 different local organizations, all of which are doing the work that keeps our community a safe, healthy, and beautiful place to live.

And when 99 cents out of every dollar you give goes directly to that work, you can feel sure that you've made the best investment possible.

What else is possible when you support the Henderson County United Way?

 Your neighbors can break dependency.

 Children can discover the joys of reading and learning—and be better prepared to know success in school and life.

Young people can discover the joys of responsibility for animals and learn science and math skills.

Without people like you, this work simply won't get done.

The United Way isn't just the world's largest nonprofit organization. It's also the organization that serves the place in the world that's largest for you—the place you call home.

And, in that place, we need partners. We need friends.

We need you.

Please consider a generous monthly gift to support and sustain your neighbors' work to make Henderson County a better place for all.

Please join those who, like you, understand that living united means giving united.

Thank you for joining us as we work to increase the capacity of people to care for one another in Henderson County, Texas!